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Welcome to the Dutch Marine Crewing Center

Dutch Marine Crewing Center (DMCC) is a crew management center representing Thome Group Singapore ( and hosted by HBH Europe BV ( The Center is primarily involved in the management crewing for a wide range of vessels, including specialized types such as LPG/LNG carriers, chemical/product carriers, crude oil tankers, offshore supply vessels, FPSO’s, FSO’s,drilling vessels,dredging vessels, tugs&barges, anchor handling vessels, diving support and seismic research vessels.

You can view an example at Offshore Crewing Services (pdf).

Our Center’s mission is to constantly reinforce Thome Ship Management's outstanding global reputation by continually working to improve our excellent performance as a Crew Management Center by providing a consistent quality of crewing operation applying the highest regard for safety, security and protection of the environment to all vessels under our crewing control, irrespective of type or ownership.

Our Center provides a variety of services tailored to individual clients’ needs, including:

Our management structure ensures that we are able to react quickly to the ever-changing conditions within the shipping industry and are able to implement new legislation as efficiently as possible. The Center’s crew management philosophy is to have teams dedicated to owners, to ensure the very best possible service from staff that are focused on the needs of the individual principals and vessels.

Our strength is being able to source crew for any type of vessel as required by the owner, from our world-wide recruitment centres or specific regions, including supporting and providing skilled labour for onshore and offshore projects. Our ability to source, train and retain quality staff worldwide allows us to provide a dedicated ships staff pooled by owner and vessel. A very high repeater rate for officers and ratings, as well as having sea staff continuity ensured through careful relief planning, ensure vessels being manned with experienced crew with knowledge of the individual vessel and owner requirements.

Moreover, Thome Group works with owners to build and invest in cadet schemes and training at all levels which mean a highly qualified, experienced and motivated pool of officers are available to our clients. The Group places emphasis on providing the highest quality officers and ratings. Our recruitment teams specialise in selecting the correct staff and have many years of experience in the industry resulting in a high level of certainty in recruited staff.

Thome Group is unique in having the capability to carry out gas and offshore training at all levels, providing the full range of theoretical and practical Training Courses (pdf).

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